Frequently Asked Questions

Several of the questions refer to Wiki Help Docs, which can be found HERE

Iter Community is a social knowledge creation environment facilitating and supporting communication, collaboration, and digital project creation for research communities of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. See our page for a complete description.

Before you do anything on the website, please read our and our . If you agree to the policies, then an ideal place to start would be to for current information on Iter Community. You could also start on the page to view previous conferences relevant to Iter Community.

There is no fee to join the Iter Community website, but registration is required to use most features.

Anyone may view Iter Community. Your access to Iter Community relies on your user role. Please see the for more information.

You can connect with other users via the .

You may invite anyone to Iter Community. Access to the website content depends on oneamp;#8217;s user role.

Anyone may access the Iter Community website. However, only specific users with certain user roles can modify the content of Iter Community. Please see the .

User roles establish a ranking system on Iter Community. Site administrators hold the highest ranks, while most users hold the lowest rank. Please see the for more detailed descriptions of each role.

If you are creating a private group, you should only invite the select number of people to be in the group. In a public group, anyone can join without requiring an invitation. If you have been invited to a group, you will receive a WordPress notification.

Create a page with the conference information and set the page to be the child of amp;#8220;Past Conferences." To set pages in a parent/child relationship, navigate to Page Attributes when editing a page, and select the page you wish to be the parent.

Navigate to and join a public group. Private groups require an invitation from the group owner.

Iter Community will not sell your information to any unknown third parties. Identifiable personal information will not be disclosed to a third party unless required to by law. Please read the for more information.

You may send a private message to any site administrator. To send a message, navigate to the and click on an administrator profile, then click private message. Send your message and the administrator will respond as soon as possible.

Navigate to the and fill out the application for project space on Iter Community. Please see the for more information.

We are developing an answer to this question.