EXPLANATION: Iter Community user roles

User Roles

This Wiki Help Doc will explain to users the roles of users on Iter Community. These roles are based on WordPress user roles. Your access to Iter Community depends on your current user role. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this explanation.

This explanation uses the following page for reference:


Super Admin

Super Admins can do anything on the Iter Community website. All features are available. This user role is typically reserved for site administrators
overseeing multiple WordPress websites across a network.


Administrators can oversee administration features on the Iter Community website. Network administration features notwithstanding, the Administrator can exercise control over all features of the website. The admin can edit posts and alter website features at will, including but not limited to reading posts marked as private, managing source code and plugins, and deleting the accounts of problematic users on the Iter Community website.


Editors can write posts for the Iter Community blog and maintain control over the posts of other users.  Editors may edit, delete, and otherwise modify blog posts. Users must at least be an Editor to create a Wiki Help Doc.


Reviewers can edit and delete events on Iter Community, as well as use features granted to Authors.


Authors can write and publish their own posts on Iter Community. Unlike Editors, Authors cannot edit or otherwise modify the posts of other users. Users must be at least an Author to create a group.


A Contributor can write posts for the Iter Community blog, but cannot publish them on the website.

Subscribers can only access their profile on Iter Community. Subscribers cannot change any feature of the website or create posts.