EXPLANATION: Project Applications

This Wiki Help Doc will explain to users the role of the Project Applications page on Iter Community. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this explanation.

The Project Application Page is designed for users to submit potential projects to Iter Community. A typical project entails the presentation of scholarly material on a space hosted by Iter Community. Users may request access to the space by filling out an application. This explanation will describe each section of the application.

Proposed Project Name
State the name of your project. Please ensure your title is concise.

Project Duration
As stated, enter a value between one (1) and forty-eight (48). This step also requires you to verify the project duration through the Units section.

The Units section will verify the duration of your project. You may select Weeks, Months, or Years.

State what platform on which you intend to host your project. HTML/CSS, WordPress, Drupal, and Scalar are available options.

Project Description
Describe your project in detail. Please be as specific as possible.

Technical Contact
Add your first and last name.

Team members and email addresses
Submit the names of team members and the email addresses of each member.

Anticipated Support Needs
Although this section is optional, please state as much information as possible so Iter Community may be able to assist your project as needed.

The following is an example application. Bonus points for applications that are both thorough and concise!

An example application

An example application

Once you have completed your application, submit it to Iter Community. Please respect copyright and do not submit projects that are not your own. All projects are reviewed by Iter to ensure originality and compliance with copyright law. Iter reserves the right to reject applications for any reason.