TUTORIAL: How to create a group

Creating Groups

This tutorial will instruct users on the creation of a group on the Iter Community website. Groups can be used for public or private collaboration on projects, allowing users to share information and ideas. Contact us if you have questions or concerns about this tutorial.

Step One

Step One

Navigate to the GROUPS tab.


Step Two

Group Tutorial Step 2



Step Three

Group Tutorial Step 3

Give your group a name and a description.


Step Four

Group Tutorial Step 4

Choose your desired privacy settings, determine who can invite others to the group, and set email subscription preferences.


Step Five

Group Tutorial Step 5

Choose whether or not your group will have a forum.


Step Six

Group Tutorial Step 6

Choose whether or not you wish to enable BuddyPress Docs for your group.


Step Seven

Group Tutorial Step 7

Choose an avatar for your group. This is an optional step.

Group Tutorial Step 7 (2)

Crop your avatar for an optimal appearance.

Group Tutorial Step 7 (3)

When completed, go to the next step.


Step Eight

Group Tutorial Step 8

Invite people to join your group.


Step Nine

Group Tutorial Step 9

Your group is now ready for use. Post in the forums, invite members if you have not done so, and collaborate with other users.