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2014 – 2016

Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities: Volume 1

The ubiquity of social media has transformed the scope and scale of scholarly communication in the arts and humanities. The consequences of this new participatory

Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities

The online volume of Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities is at Social Knowledge Creation in the Humanities addresses the relationship between social media,

Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies

The Canadian Society for Renaissance Studies is dedicated to encouraging multidisciplinary studies in the Renaissance by students and established scholars in both official languages. Learn more at


Addressing the issue of giving a modern indexation to the Mediceo avanti il Principato fund by creating two spreadsheets containing all the lettere and all the documenti of the four volumes of the Inventario. Learn more at

The Renaissance Knowledge Network

The Renaissance Knowledge Network provides access to an ongoing, partially crowdsourced environment scan of the Renaissance field in its intersection with the digital humanities. Learn more at

The Institute for Research in Classical Philosophy and Science

Project: IRCPS
You can see the IRCPS project at

Humanism For Sale

Project: hfs
You can see Humanism For Sale at

Social Edition of the Devonshire Manuscript

You can see the Devonshire Manuscript at

The FICINO E-List and Archive

The Database of Dramatic Events

Michelangelo and the Bible

Digital Approaches to Teaching

Early Knowledge of the Heavens

The Bibliography of Thomas More

Newberry Library Palaeography Project

The Database of Renaissance Italian Dramas